Mysterious radio bursts come from outside our galaxy
A huge surge of power in just a few milliseconds and then, nothing.
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How Does a Quantum Computer Work?
For more on spin, check out: http://youtu.be/v1_-LsQLwkA This video was supported by TechNYou: http://bit.ly/19bBX5G A quantum computer works in a totally di...
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Solar-powered family car by Eindhoven University of Technology
Students at the Eindhoven University of Technology have unveiled what they claim to be the world's first solar-powered family car.
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Drayson Racing electric car sets new world speed record
Drayson Racing Technologies has broken the world land speed record for a lightweight electric car.
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Mobile Meteorology
The proliferation of cell phones has blanketed the world with microwave signals — and given science a powerful new tool for collecting atmospheric data.
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A Detailed 3-D Atlas of a Human Brain | MIT Technology Review
Scientists have imaged the anatomy of an entire human brain at unprecedented resolution.
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Fighter-Jet Augmented Reality for Your Motorcycle Commute | Autopia
A team of Russian motorcyclists-slash-engineers are going one step further with an augmented reality GPS system built directly into a bike helmet.
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Juliana Rotich: Meet BRCK, Internet access built for Africa
Juliana Rotich, cofounder of the open-source software Ushahidi. But it remains challenging to get and stay connected. So Rotich and friends developed BRCK, offering resilient connectivity for the developing world.
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Large-Scale Invisibility Cloaks, From China | MIT Tech Review
Big, cheap invisibility cloaks are suddenly beginning to emerge thanks to some simple optical short cuts that physicists have discovered
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All the New Stuff in iOS 7
Today, Apple announced iOS 7 with a ton of new features, a complete overhaul to the interface, and plenty more. Here are all the new features.
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