NATO Tests Electromagnetic Beam To Stop Suicide Bombers
NATO is developing a device that
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D-Dalus - an entirely new genre of aircraft arrives
A new type of aircraft has been unveiled which can launch vertically, hover perfectly still, move in any direction, is almost silent, has the dynamic stabil...
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Regrowing human body parts: The dream comes within reach
For centuries, humans have dreamt of the day when we could grow new body parts to replace the ones we lost, just like salamanders that...
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Kevin Spacey urges TV channels to give control to viewers
Double Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey has challenged TV channels to give "control" to their audiences or risk losing them at his address at the James MacTaggart M...
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What It Takes To 3-D Print A Building
Echoviren is a 3-D printed pre-fab house--or, since it's only 10 feet tall, maybe more of a shack or tent.
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16-year-old turns bananas into bioplastic
Turkish student Elif Bilgin hopes her banana peel plastic could combat pollution and reduce the need for oil.
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In Peru, drones used for agriculture, archeology
Drones are most often associated with assassinations in remote regions of Pakistan and Yemen but in Peru, unmanned aircraft are being used to monitor crops and study ancient ruins.
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Devices Connect with Borrowed TV Signals, and Need No Power Source
Devices that can make wireless connections even without an onboard battery could spread computing power into everything you own.
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Bioenergy Company Produces Fuel And Electricity From Waste
Ineos Bio says it's the first company to produce ethanol from waste on a commercial scale -- and it's ready to bring it to market.
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Physicists Detect Radio Waves With Light  | MIT Technology Review
By bouncing light off a vibrating nanomembrane, researchers can now detect radio waves in an entirely new way
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