Samsung Galaxy S4 release date, news and features
The Samsung Galaxy S4 being unveiled now - here are all the latest details.
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Surprisingly Close Star System Discovered
Looks like astronomers may have new hunting grounds to search for exoplanets , and it’s  close–  in fact it’s just in our local interstellar neighborhood.  A new-found star system at only 6.5 light...
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Argentina's Bergoglio elected as new Pope Francis
Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected in a surprise choice to be the new leader of the troubled Roman Catholic Church on Wednesday, taking the name Francis I
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Venezuela's Hugo Chavez dies aged 58
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has died aged 58, after 14 years in power.
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North Koreans get to pick from 28 state-approved haircuts 
In another example of how similar the North Korean government is to your nagging Great Aunt Betty, the country’s ruling party is saying that fashion forward hair is a big no-no.
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Boy scares off lions with flashy invention
A 13-year-old Maasai boy in Kenya has invented an ingenious system to scare off the lions that were killing his family's livestock.
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Hints of Lost Continent Found Beneath Indian Ocean
The Indian Ocean and some of its islands, scientists say, may lie on top of the remains of an ancient continent pulled apart by plate tectonics between 50 million and 100 million years ago.
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Smartphone-Powered Satellite Blasts Into Space
Got an Android phone? It's now got a cousin in space. A Google Nexus One-powered nano-satellite got rocketed into orbit this morning. The satellite,
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Electricity from Algae
Direct Extraction of Photosynthetic Electrons from Single Algal Cells by Nanoprobing System - Nano Letters (ACS Publications)
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9 killed, 32 injured in serial blasts in Hyderabad
Seven people were killed and three others injured in an explosion in a crowded Dilsukhnagar area in Hyderabad, eye witnesses said.
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