Kevin Spacey urges TV channels to give control to viewers
Double Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey has challenged TV channels to give "control" to their audiences or risk losing them at his address at the James MacTaggart M...
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16 Witty Sherlock Comebacks to Knock Out Your Enemies
A collection of comebacks from the BBC show 'Sherlock.'
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"There is no greater threat to women than men" - Louis CK
what the hell are you talking about Louie?
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How To Live an Unremarkably Average Life
"You don't have to live your life the way other people expect you to." "11 Ways to be Unremarkably Average" by Chris Guillebeau of Zen Pencils, 2012 (prints available) via Joey deVilla
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World's Tinest movie: IBM uses individual atoms to make short film
The Boy With the Atom may be the most scientifically advanced cartoon ever made not to mention, the tiniest. IBM created this by rearranging individual carbon monoxide molecules on a frame measuring 45 by 25 nanometers.
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Space Oddity
A revised version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station. With thanks to Emm Gryner, Jo...
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The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever
  By Internet standards, a perfectly timed photo occurs when two of the following three conditions are met: 1. Perfect Place 2. Perfect Time 3. Perfect Angle Sometimes the holy trinity of perf...
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After Ever After - DISNEY Parody
Life after Ever After - DISNEY Parody
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The DALAI LAMA answers a question
Few readers have let me known this is misattributed to the Dalai Lama, it was actually spoken by Reata Strickland. Apologies
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The most funny mistakes captured.
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