How To Live an Unremarkably Average Life
"You don't have to live your life the way other people expect you to." "11 Ways to be Unremarkably Average" by Chris Guillebeau of Zen Pencils, 2012 (prints available) via Joey deVilla
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Brown eyes and blue eyes Racism experiment
Ms. Jane Elliott's "brown eyes, blue eyes" experiment in 1970 . This "Eye of Storm" documentary was made by William Peters in 1970 for ABC News and later included in the documentary "A Class Divided"
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31 Unmistakable Signs That You're An Introvert
A surprise birthday party is my worst nightmare.
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James Rhodes: 'Find what you love and let it kill you'
My life as a concert pianist can be frustrating, lonely, demoralising and exhausting. But is it worth it? Yes, without a shadow of a doubt, says James Rhodes
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Focus More on Your Brain and Less on Your Diet to Lose Weight
Weight loss is tricky business. Obviously what you eat has a huge impact on your health and body weight. But anyone who has ever tried to modify their diet for the sake of losing weight knows it isn’t so simple.
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The World’s Top 10 Weirdest Museums
Knowledge is a funny thing. It can help you get a job, meet new people or finish a task – but it can also help you scare away unwanted suitors by arming you with a wealth of disconcerting trivia about
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7 things you can make yourself instead of buying
These days you can find pretty much anything processed, prepared, packaged and waiting for you on a store shelf.
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Saudi Arabia to allow girls to play sport at private schools
Students must adhere to 'decent' dress code and sharia law, but move is seen as thaw in kingdom's restrictions on women
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Make Parking a Cinch with This Parking Guide Infographic
A few simple guidelines for when to turn and what to use for reference points when parking may be all you need to perfect your parking abilities.
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Five Best Mind Mapping Tools
Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm, make a plan, or turn ideas into the steps needed to make it real. Thankfully, there are great tools out there to help you build mind maps, organize them, and save them for later
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