How to Make a Battery-Powered, Gadget-Charging Go Bag
Most of your gadgets are portable these days, and with the right bag, you can take them with you anywhere.
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Amazing Way to Test Batteries!
Here is a simple and amazing way to test any alkaline battery without tools! Works in seconds! Try it! Looks like bajarider1000 did this before me so thanks ...
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How to sharpen knives - Jamie Oliver's Home Cooking Skills
Jamie's Home Cooking Skills qualification: How to sharpen knives. Jamie's Home Cooking Skills www.jamieshomecookingskills.com
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Furoshiki - Techniques
furoshiki is a traditional japanese wrapping cloth, use it to wrap everything. Furoshiki can be used for gift wrapping, grocery shopping or even as clothing
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Inception in Real Life? Learn to Control Your Dreams - Visual News
Most of us have many types of dreams... but few of us realize there's far more to experience. Some dreams are wild adventures in mysterious lands; some
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7 things you can make yourself instead of buying
These days you can find pretty much anything processed, prepared, packaged and waiting for you on a store shelf.
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Learn to build the BrushBot Kit from the Maker Shed.
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Weekend Project: Spider Rifle
Make a humane, compressed-air-powered bug trapper that removes unwanted, tiny pests from your world .
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Hydroponic Herb Garden
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